We have a fleet of Alpacka Caribou Packrafts available for rental.   The Alpacka Caribou is the lightest of the Alpacka rafts but still offers the durability Alpacka is renowned for.  Add to this plenty of bow room for carrying bikes, packs, or even the kitchen sink, and you’ve got pretty much the ultimate raft for backcountry exploration.


 Demo Boats & Demo Days
For those thinking about purchasing their own packraft,  we have a range of Alpacka demo boats for you to ‘try before you buy.’  If you are interested in this option please mention “Demo” in the form below, and let us know what model you’re after. All Demos from Te Anau are free for a day. We can also send boats to you and we assess the\is on a case to case basis.

Arno Marten from Packrafting New Zealand was one of the first people to bring the sport of Packrafting to New Zealand.  He has trained thousands of people in the use of Packrafts to extend their access to remote areas.  Arno is passionate about this new, fast-growing, sport and the unparalleled access that the boats can give.  He is also concerned that people are buying these very forgiving boats in great numbers but have no idea what to do if they get into trouble on the water.

Arno would love the opportunity to introduce your club to the benefits these little boats offer.   He is available (free of charge) to be a guest speaker at a club meeting.   Arno’s presentation is always fun and entertaining and gives your members a chance to get up close and personal with Arno’s girls (his boats)!  Arno comes armed with some amazing photographs, some demo boats and some great deals for your club members.

If you’d like to know more simply call or email Arno.

+64) 3 445 3080

What You Need to Know:
  • Rentals cost $60 per boat & day 
  • All rentals need to be picked up and returned to our office in Te Anau
  • You will need to be able to prove/demonstrate your level of experience prior to rental
  • Experienced packrafters will still need to undergo a 5 – 10-minute safety briefing when collecting the equipment
Please Note:

Non-kayakers and river / packrafting newbies will need to have a Packrafting intro course before renting a Packraft. Intro courses are 1/2 day please see INTRO COURSE for more details.



Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions  :
    • A booking form and a $250 deposit per person is required to secure your booking.
    • The balance of payment is to be paid four weeks prior to your departure date.
    • For cancellations prior to your departure date the following refund applies:
    • Within 3 weeks = no refund applies
    • 3 – 6 weeks = deposit non refundable, 80% of balance paid refunded
    • 7 – 12 weeks = deposit non refundable, 100% of balance paid refunded
    • More than 12 weeks = full refund including deposit
    • Once your trip has commenced no refund applies due to any circumstance.

  • WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you arrange personal travel/medical insurance at the time of booking to guard against loss of fares paid caused by any eventuality necessitating cancellation of your trip within our cancellation period. Cancellations could be due to reasons beyond your control such as: falling ill prior to your departure / a sprained ankle whilst partaking in another activity / a family bereavement / missing a flight and therefore, missing your departure etc..

    Rental Agreement
  • Our rafts and equipment are very durable, but not indestructible – treat the gear with respect. 

  • All hire equipment must be returned to Packrafting New Zealand clean and dry. 

  • Use common sense. Paddle within your abilities and check local weather conditions. 

  • Wear a correctly fitted PFD when on water at all times. If paddling white-water, we strongly recommend that you also wear a helmet

  • Return all gear on time. Give us a call if you think your trips going to run longer than expected and we can discuss extending the rental period, dependant on availability.

  • Please don’t wreck our gear. We offer you a packraft rental service out of a desire to share unique experiences. You are solely responsible for our rental gear during the rental period, including any damage, loss or theft by you or any third party. If you break, damage or lose any equipment, beyond normal wear and tear, you agree to reimburse any reasonable repair or replacement costs. We’ll notify and discuss this with you prior to charging any additional amount. We’re here to offer you a service, not break your balls. 

  • Packrafting NZ offers rafts and equipment to explore the world in a positive way. We are simply providing the equipment.  We will ensure that when it leaves our hands, it is up to scratch.  But you must double check the gear upon receipt and notify us of any issues/damages/omissions as soon as possible (before your trip!) Ultimately, you are responsible for being familiar with the gear and use of the gear to keep yourself safe.

  • Packrafting NZ is thus not responsible for the failure of rental equipment (unlikely though it may be) during the rental period, and You hereby absolve Packrafting NZ from any claim of consequential loss or damages resulting from such failures.

  • By renting a packraft through Packrafting NZ, the hirer understands there may be potential risks and hazards associated with packrafting on water, (moving or flat) to themselves and others, which may result in serious injury or even death. Don’t be a fool, know your limits and paddle within your abilities and those of your paddling friends. 

  • All hired gear remains the sole property of Packrafting NZ.


Life happens sometimes, and we get that. Our cancellation policy is as follows: 

  • One month or earlier before your rental booking start, we’ll refund 90% (the remaining 10% covers our time and a beer or cider, depending on who took your booking)

  • Two weeks before your rental booking start, we’ll refund 50% OR allow you to reschedule the rental to any other available dates within one calendar year. 

  • Less than two weeks before your rental booking start we do not issue refunds. We will happily allow you to reschedule the rental for any other available dates within one calendar year.

Additional Charges:
  • A cleaning fee will be charged, should any equipment be returned excessively dirty and/or wet. Please clean and dry everything before returning it. Maximum cleaning fee will be $45 per raft.

  • We will charge $100 per day, per raft kit for any late returns. Please call us and let us know of any known delays.  But seriously, just try to get the boats back to us on time.  A delay on your end might mean someone else’s packrafting adventure is adversely affected.  If it’s unavoidable, we get it, sometimes things don’t go as planned out there in the bush. But if you’re just too lazy to get your boats cleaned up and in the post in a timely manner, well, that’s kind of a dick move.  Don’t be a dick.  

Privacy Policy: 
  • Any information we collect about you is for the sole purpose of providing you a quote and/or rental service. We do not gather your information for marketing purposes and we most definitely do not sell your information to third parties, because we believe in privacy. 

All rentals made through Packrafting New Zealand constitute acceptance of these Terms of Rental Agreement.