“We believe that the wilderness is a place for play, challenges, self-discovery and well-being.”


Our mission is to take people into wilderness areas to enjoy the environment on the environment’s own terms.  This means that we do not mass market or take crowds into the wilderness and still call it the wilderness! Our group numbers are restricted to a maximum of 6 people.   We practice and expect clients to practice the “leave no trace” principles so that we can leave the natural landscapes that we so enjoy in the same state in which we found them.

Our philosophy encompasses the notion that a smaller group leaves a smaller footprint on the environment and a bigger footprint in your memory.  As a participant in a small group, you will experience an unparalleled New Zealand wilderness adventure. We offer you the chance to be part of the wilderness rather than just being an observer.


In a small group you will receive personal attention from your guide and at the same time, you meet other like-minded people who will enrich your experiences. Small groups are also better for learning and give us the ability to pass on our high standards of stewardship towards the environment. This ensures that the next trip participants will also enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this wilderness.


Part of the money you pay for your expedition directly supports the Department of Conservation and its goal of preserving New Zealand’s National Parks for future generations.  A portion of expedition fees also goes towards maintaining the trails we walk and the huts we take shelter in.


Finally, Packrafting New Zealand is proud to work with both the Department of Conservation and the Department of Fish and Game in helping to develop meaningful strategies to prevent the spread of the aquatic pest Didymo to the countries pristine waterways.  Our organization is highly cognisant of the risk that careless packrafting poses to the proliferation of this weed, and adheres to strict guidelines in an effort to mitigate these risks. Packrafting NZ uses its leverage as NZ’s premiere provider of packrafting trips, courses, and gear to help educate newcomers to the sport about their role in helping to stop Didymo.  More information about Didymo and how to prevent its spread can be found HERE

Maximum Annual Trip Numbers:

Course Combo Fiordland Explorer 7 Days – 24 clients

Packrafter 3 Days – 30 clients

Discover Packrafting full day – 96 clients