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Paddling your own gear is always better! When you're ready to purchase, we've got what you need from packrafts to patch-kits and everything in between.

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Packrafting isn't just our hobby, it's our passion / We have decades of paddling, guiding, and teaching experience from around the globe and have taught thousands of people packrafting skills and safety.


Packrafting New Zealand instructors have safely guided packrafters for over 6 years, teaching the worlds best packrafting curriculum.


You wouldn’t choose a cheap parachute! We only use the best available packrafting and safety gear. Alpacka Raft, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Aquabound Paddles and much more.


Our decades of genuine packrafting adventure experience ensure you will get the support you need. Whether you're new to the sport, want to improve your skills, are after information on the best rivers, or need guidance in buying the perfect packraft. We can help


Super light & high quality gear


Arno Marten

Arno Marten


Arno is on ex-pat German with a rich history of guiding. In the last 25 years he's taught tens of thousands of people everything from scuba, paragliding, river-boarding and now packrafting. Arno's history before that is even richer, but because it involves still classified missions as an elite member of the German Special Forces, we can't really talk about it. On our longer trips Arno will occasionally open up a bit about this past of his (with names and places changed to protect the innocent of course) and it always makes for a riveting story! Arno founded Packrafting New Zealand after discovering the lightweight and portable boats when he needed a way to tow his kit during an attempted swim (yes, swim) from Milford Sound down to Dusky sound. Although he only made it half way to his goal, he fully realised the potential of the packraft and hasn't looked back.

Andy Magness

Andy Magness


Andy is a native of the USA who realised he liked rural New Zealand a little bit better. After several visits over the last few decades, he finally moved to Te Anau with his wife and two boys in early 2015. He's been packrafting for nearly fifteen years after first being introduced to the activity as a means to access a remote climbing destination in the mountains of Canada. Ever since, he's combined his love of the mountains and rivers and never plans a big trip that doesn't involve some cool paddling. In addition to climbing and packrafting, he loves surfing, chocolate, and science fiction. And because Andy's actually a better swimmer than he is a paddler, he's usually the first 'volunteer' to demonstrate the grade III swims during our advanced packrafting courses!